Medical Express

ISSN (print): 2318-8111

ISSN (online): 2358-0429

For Reviewers

General Instructions

In, log in, go to [Reviewer Center] select the manuscript you will Review and Score. Alternatively, remember: as soon as you agree to review, you will receive a letter that contains a direct link to [Reviewer Center].

In [Reviewer Center], you will see a screen with three buttons, in the upper right hand side:
 [instructions] [Details] [Score Sheet]
Clicking on [Score Sheet]: takes you to the complete reviewing form
At any time you may click on [Instructions] where generic information is available. You may also click [Details] for information concerning authors and Manuscript

Viewing the Manuscript. There are two ways for you to view the full manuscript under review: PDF or HTML (click on the "respective links) HTML will be useful if you wish to annotate or edit the manuscript: you can copy any part of it to word and annotate or edit. You can copy any of this to Comments to Author or you can upload your doc to the system
Remember:  The manuscript is exhibited to you in total confidentiality. You may not use it for anything other than to review it. Do not divulge or show this to any third party.

Completing the Score Sheet
When completing the score sheet, please remember the following:
1. Complete all fields (you cannot send your review without completing them).

2. Comments to the Editor:
Use this space to transfer to the Editor the basis for your recommendation. These comments will NOT be conveyed to the author.

3. Comments to the Author: Use this space to convey specific feedback to the author on your recommendation. DO NOT reference here to the comments in Editor Field as the author will not have access to those comments.
Remember: you are an anonymous reviewer. Do not give hints about your identity, professional address, etc.

4. Special Symbols: You can copy and paste, or directly add, special symbols such as Greek and mathematical symbols. However special formatting elements such as sub- and superscript are not supported so please use plain text notations to indicate these, such as (^) for superscript.

5. Attaching Files:
Click on the "Browse..." button, locate your file, and click the "Attach" button.
The screen will refresh, showing the uploaded file in the "Files Attached" list.
You can check if you uploaded the right file or remove it by clicking the "Unattach" icon next to the file name.
By clicking the appropriate radio button you can specify whom the file is intended for (Author & Editor or Editor Only).

6. Submitting Your Review: There are three buttons at the bottom of the page: "Save as Draft" which saves the score sheet without sending it to the editor, "Submit" which saves the score sheet and sends it to the editor,
"Print Saved Version" which does not send the review to the editor: it opens a pop-up window with a printable version of the most recently saved score sheet. You can use this at any time to see what your review looks like

7. If you have doubts. Do not hesitate to contact the Editor): he will be happy to discuss your problems. (