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Alteration of vascular permeability in burn injury

Qiaobing Huang; Ming Zhao; Keseng Zhao


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Massive burn trauma is characterized by hypovolemic shock induced by the loss of plasma from vessels. The elevation of vascular permeability and the ultimate formation of tissue edema are important events during the development of severe burn injury. The underlying mechanisms involved in the increased permeability include the activation of multiple endothelial signaling pathways and the changes of endothelial structure and functions. This review summarizes some of our recent discoveries in endothelial mechanisms during burninduced vascular hyper-permeability. The emphasis is put on tight junction, adherens junction, and the contraction of endothelial cells. The effects of several protein kinases, including Rho kinase, protein kinase C, and MAPKs are also stressed.

Keywords: Microcirculation; Permeability; Burn.